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About Masta

Study, Certifications and Training

- I got my Masters in Theatre & Movement Expression, and movement therapy in 1979

- I studied Water Shiatsu and became a certified WATSU® Practitioner & Therapist in 1998

- I started my study WaterDance® in 1994 with Peter Shröter who developed the Water WaterDance (WATA®) with Arjana Brunschwiler in 1987

- Studied Healing Dance with Inika Spence and Alexander George (the creator of Healing Dance) and became a Healing Dance Therapist

- I Studied Aquatic Prenatal journey with David Sayer
- In 2002 I became a qualified WATSU® instructor
I'm a Certified Remedial/Myotherapy Massage Therapist
- I've been practicing Meditation & Mindfulness since 1969

- I am passionate about my current life-transforming 4 year study Somatic Experiencing® by Dr. Peter Levine. It focuses on experiencing the ‘felt sense’ in the present moment t     to relieve the physical, emotional and physiological effects of trauma-related health problems.

- I studied Touch Skills for Trauma Therapy with Kathy Kain between 2018 and 2019 and became a Certified Touch Skills Therapist.

  The training involved learning about resilience and self-regulation, complex trauma, visceral deep shock patterns & coupling dynamics and syndromes.
- I’m dedicated to helping my clients move through a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions in the most organic, playful and transformative way possible.

I studied Voice Dialogue with Ana Barner

- I studied Attachment Work with Dr. Diane Poole Heller, which delved into a unique blend of psychotherapeutic modalities and somatic strategies, such as 

- Somatic Experiencing Techniques, Healing Attachment Injury, Neuroscience and Spiritual Perspectives.

- I studied Craniosacral Therapy Techniques with Dhyan Trevor

- I studied Body-Mind Centering® with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.

- I studied Somatic Experiencing 2017-2022

   Health Care Rebates are available:


To everyone managing acute and/or chronic pain (especially of the spine): I released physical and emotional trauma so safely in ways impossible unless weightless. Immediately thereafter I enjoyed my first restful nights’ sleep and 24hrs painkiller-free in years. Masta has profound skills as a therapist - intuition, sensitivity, ease of communication, empathy, impeccable space-holding. Thank you, thank you, thank you Masta!  And to everybody reading this: GO SEE HER, try a session!   

Una M 🙏

"An Experience like no other. This water massage healed my body allowing ultimate fluidity to my body and spine. Highly recommend! Thank you again Masta I look forward to our next session" 💙 

Dominique Abraham (free dive instructor) 

"My experience during Masta’s Somatic Experiencing session
was beautifully grounding, centring, peaceful and invigorating. She has a wonderful warm nature, which makes it easy to relax and flow when working with her. Her innate connection to inner child work is so natural and effortless, and encouraged me to comfortably explore my relationship with my own inner child too. After just one session with Masta, my PTSD related trauma subsided and I felt content in my body and relaxed in my mind. Masta’s work is deep and soul driven, I can’t recommend her highly enough and I look forward to embracing my next session with her."

"My time as a client and participant in training with Masta was a truly unique and transformative experience.

Masta's wealth of knowledge and understanding of the water creates a safe space which allowed me to explore the healing qualities of the water. Masta helped me learn to feel into myself and allowed me to surrender and trust in the healing potency of the heart space and the magic found in the water. 

As a result of my experience in the water, I have learnt to surrender to the stillness, to be fluid in my life and to trust my inner self. I look forward to deepening my practice further”. 


"These Watsu sessions are perfect for both water lovers and those with watery fears to overcome. Masta moves at a gentle pace, set by you and your comfort levels. She's ever present and her years of expertise are very apparent in the ease with which she moves you through the water and intuits the exact moment to bring you up for air, in absolute safety (and the choice whether to submerge is yours).

It's hard to put words to these sessions, that for me, have been so deeply profound. In warm, nurturing, womb-like safety, I have experienced exquisite beauty, an aquatic dance of surrender and timelessness. Feeling held, fluid in divine pleasure and I've received clarity of insights and exquisite healing as the water allows and assists in the release. Deep peace as a result, akin to little else I've ever experienced. Thank you Masta! I highly recommend these sessions!" 

Shanelle Dawson 

" I decided to have a Watsu session after one of my Breathwork students recommended it as a gentle trauma release technique. Masta was very welcoming and spent time getting to know me and my intentions. The session itself was beautiful and very effective in bringing body memories to the surface, I felt some emotions arise as my body was skilfully manoeuvred in the warm water. 

Masta's energy was gentle, nurturing and respectful.

My own work is with people to assist them in remembering and releasing long held traumas in the body through the breath, I can see that Watsu is a gentle and powerful tool that can also be used in Trauma work"

Redlyn Parker Creative Breathwork

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