Baby & Toddler Swim

Baby & Toddler AQUA MOVEMENT

Come and enjoy quality time with your baby and let's playfully and safely explore the joys of moving in nurturing warm water.

Organic, gentle approach to learning safety and swim skills.


I’m a trained Watsu® therapist and I offer guidance into different ways of holding and supporting your child, such as back-floating with their head supported on your shoulder.


I’m also trained in Somatic Experiencing® and I can offer guidance into navigating the nervous system (NS). As babies can’t yet regulate themselves, we need to support them to co-regulate their nervous system.

Offering safety and soothing babies through different holds such as: cuddling them in a koala hug, holding them sideways (lightly or tightly), holding them close-by.


We’ll also experience different ways of exploring safe and soothing movement in the water, such as: gentle rhythmic movement, gentle swinging, rocking or bobbing up & down like a frog, which is both fun and stimulates the ventral nervous system, moving through the water in a sideways hold, back-floating like a starfish, floating on the belly, koala hug-dancing, which regulates the nervous system through stimulating the Parasympathetic NS- singing all the while with possible eye-gazing to soothe the nervous system. This all develops and deepens the Somatic Safe Attachment Systems, and strengthens the bonding between, parent and child. We’ll practice guided dips with verbal cue’s as well as movement cue’s and swim underwater. 

We weave relaxing and exciting activities like:

*Jumping up & down like a frog, which is both fun and stimulates the Ventral nervous system.

Inviting curiosity and excitement into exploring the water in a safe and soothing environment. 

For Toddlers we offer:

*Ninja or Ballerina movements

*Back-float as a starfish

*Breast stroke, froggy style!

*Free style swimming

*Singing and rhythmically moving your child through the warm water

*Koala-hug-dancing regulates toddlers nervous system, the Parasympathetic NS. 

*Dive with movement cue’s + swim underwater to catch a Dino.

*A Gift for Life! 


Classes weekly in a 10 week course: $200

Come and start anytime! 

I am an experienced certified Austswim teacher.

Offering since 2003 BABY & TODDLER SWIM classes & Private classes for children 0 - 4 years, to overcome fear of water

- Child WATSU® 

Are you interested? Come and check it out! You can join anytime, at the moment we do Mondays 11.30 & 3.30pm.

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