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on line f.b. Zoom or Skype

Trauma work with Somatic Experiencing on line f.b. Zoom or Skype

A safe space for you to explore your internal world - sensations, feelings, thoughts and tension in the body. We can work through these using Somatic Experiencing, being present in the body and potentially connecting to the Inner Child to facilitate transformation.

Trauma work with Somatic Experiencing on line f.b. Zoom or Skype
Trauma work with Somatic Experiencing on line f.b. Zoom or Skype

Time & Location

Time to be arranged

on line f.b. Zoom or Skype


About the Event

Somatic Experiencing®

An Embodied Approach to Individual Therapy with Trauma Resolution.

Integrate the past and live from Presence

What is a session Somatic Experiencing?

I combine Somatic Experiencing®, Voice Dialogue with inner Child work, Healing Trauma therapy, Attachment work, Touch work, and Neuro Plasticity to ease and dissolve tension in the body, heart and mind that accumulates over time due to stress and trauma. My offerings are focussed on supporting the nervous system to return to a natural state of calm. 

I am passionate about my current life-transforming six year study in Somatic Experiencing® with Dr. Peter Levine. This knowledge and experience is woven into all my offerings.

Sessions unfold in an organic and creative way. As your practitioner I respond to whatever issue is arising and ready to be met. We start with a check in. You share your wishes and intentions for what wants to be explored, expressed and healed. This could be physical pain and injury such as neck, back and shoulder pain, emotional grief and distress such as anxiety, loss and separation or spiritual longing. Together we listen to what your body has to share, preparing to understand it more deeply through movement, sensation and self-touch.

We address the body’s needs through self-touch to experience freedom through holding yourself in a hug, tracking the sensations & feelings in the body and noticing how that can support you.

For example, when your belly is hurting to listen to what it wants to tell you and honour its needs & wishes.

Part of this process is about connecting you to your inner resources in a way that enhances your day-to-day life.

Why is it so important to regulate the nervous system?

When your nervous system is regulated you feel grounded and safe and able to meet the wounds of the past with greater compassion and understanding. Your life can unfold with loving awareness & presence. We all want to be seen and heard in our deepest authenticity. When we experience being heard and fully seen, relational healing occurs and early attachment wounds can be healed. This can support healthy, secure connection in your current relationships.

I use a diverse combination of techniques that will support you to:

  • Track sensations and feelings in the body
  • Repair boundaries and feel empowered
  • Connect with your Inner Resources including your Inner Child, playful or wounded and Inner Protectors

Stop Hurting. Start Healing.

Recognise how the symptoms of shame can affect your body, mind, emotions and behaviour patterns.

Distinguish between unhealthy (toxic) and healthy shame (designed to protect us).

Understand where shame comes from—and the role early trauma or early attachment injury can play in our adult relationships or behaviour patterns.

Practice simple—yet powerful—healing strategies that help you release shameful feelings, judgments and expectations.

Encounter your inner critic so you can pull yourself out of the self-blame cycle to cultivate self-compassion as a daily habit. Grow more resilient, change negative narratives and begin to feel a deep sense of self-esteem.  Ready to free yourself from shame and feel more at peace?

Attachment Work: The Neurobiology of Loving Relationships 

Explore the role of neuroscience in restoring the brain’s natural attunement to secure attachment.

Our brain is a social brain; it is primed for connection, not isolation, and its innate quality of plasticity gives it the ability to re-establish, reveal, and expand one’s intrinsic healthy attachment system.

Creating Healthy Adult Relationships.

Everyday, people are looking for clues to the mystery of loving relationships.

We can look at early attachment styles and how they manifest in adult personal relationships of all kinds – friends, family, and romantic partners or spouses.

Providing keys to that mystery by learning how to compassionately free yourself from the patterns of early attachment wounds that influence adult relationships, to support deeper, happier, and more fulfilling relationships.

What are some of the outcomes?

  • Alleviation of physical pain and injury such as neck, back and shoulder pain
  • A happy relaxed body
  • Inner child connection
  • Safe Attachment - Repair of ruptures and other emotional wounds
  • Repair of inter-generational trauma
  • Enriched intimacy and positive sexuality
  • Increased resilience, creativity and playfulness, clarity and relaxation.

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