Massage with Somatic Experiencing®

Warm Water Massage happens in close to body temperature water, we can experience three-dimensionality through being guided beneath the surface with a nose-clip 


I combine Remedial Massage, Craniosacral work, Aquatic Bodywork - WATSU, WaterDance, Healing Dance and Somatic Experiencing® to ease and dissolve tension in the body, heart and mind that accumulates over time due to trauma and our stressful lives, so that our chi can return to its natural state of flow.

Slowing down the breath in a relaxed physical state calms mental activity and facilitates a meditative state. By being submerged in the water, the diving reflex, a neurological pathway for rest and rejuvenation is activated in the body, instantly and effortlessly bringing us to this deep meditative state.

A session unfolds in an organic & creative way, depending on the issues arising and according to what is ready to be met. 

The sessions consist of three parts. We start with a check in, a space to share your wishes and intentions and open what may need to be expressed and healed. From here we can explore how that feels and moves through your body, and listen to what your body has to share - connecting you to innate resources to facilitate self-healing in day-to-day life. I am passionate about my current life-transforming 4 year study Somatic Experiencing® by Dr. Peter Levine. The second part is the massage in warm water, where I address the body’s needs through touch, massage, being held, moved, danced and stretches. The (optional) final part is to experience freedom through fully submerging under water. 

Aquatic Bodywork modalities


I studied WATSU® (Water Shiatsu) with Harold Dull, the creator, and became a practitioner in 1998.

We use stretches and principles of the Zen Shiatsu where blockages can be released along our meridians, so our ‘Chi’ flows. 

WATSU® is based on stretching, which strengthens muscles and increases flexibility and range of motion. Warm water, and the continuous support it provides is ideal for freeing the spine. It takes the weight off the vertebrae and relaxes the muscles. The support of water allows the spine to be moved in ways impossible on land. Gentle, gradual twists and pulls relieve the pressure a rigid spine places on nerves. The receiver experiences greater flexibility and freedom. During a session a range of emotions can come up and be released into the process of continuous flow.

It promotes deep relaxation, quieting the sympathetic and enhancing the parasympathetic nervous systems. It has profound beneficial effects for trauma, both physical and psycho-emotional, with therapeutic application for neuromuscular injuries, stress, chronic pain, discomfort during pregnancy. 

'Connecting with the breath, sink a little on the out-breath ‘letting go what is not needed’ and rise with the in-breath, hanging out in the gap.'

Being held is therapeutic in and of itself - a natural re-bonding therapy. -

I started my study WaterDance in 1994 with Peter Shröter who developed the Water WaterDance (WATA®) with Arjana Brunschwiler in 1987 and continued with Shantam and Richard Bock -
































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Healing Dance® 

I Studied Healing Dance® with Inika Spence and Alexander George, the creator of Healing Dance. I am a certified Healing Dance Therapist.

I mainly use Healing Dance® with it’s side holds, cozy, nurturing embryo positions and dynamic fast movements in my sessions. In the movie above I demonstrate about 17 different Healing Dance moves. Top picture demonstrates the Healing Dance, 'Hara Hug'.

See more magic from the creator himself -

Integrate the past and live with greater ease to flow from presence

Through the re-patterning of your nervous system, you can return to healthy self-regulation and aid the release of tension and trauma stored in the body.  You will be provided valuable tools and resources to assist with challenges and to feel more grounded in your life, such as the capacity to meet the wounds of the past with greater compassion. This integration allows your life to unfold with loving awareness & presence.

We all want to be seen and heard in our deepest authenticity. When we experience being held in warmth, both physically and emotionally, relational healing occurs, attending to early attachment wounds. Progressively, this can support healthy, secure connection in your relationships. 


Alongside the diverse combination of techniques I use, the work can involve:

·Learning to track sensations and feelings in the body to support nervous system regulation

·Unique exercises to support repairing boundaries and empowerment

·Connecting with your Inner Child, playful or wounded, as well as Inner Protectors and other Inner Resources

Outcomes Include:

  • Alleviation of physical symptoms

  • A happy relaxed body

  • A sense of safety, inner strength & confidence

  • Inner child connection

  • Restored trust in the innate wisdom of the body-mind capacity to heal

  • Capacity for healthy boundaries

  • Safe Attachment - Repair of ruptures and other emotional wounds

  • Release limiting belief patterns, shame-based thinking & behaviours

  • Repair of inter-generational trauma

  • Empowered communication

  • Enriched intimacy & positive sexuality

  • Increased resilience, creativity & playfulness, clarity & relaxation.