"Therapeutic deep relaxation" "nurturing and supportive"

As the body keeps the score, we explore the nervous system and the movement, rather than the event itself.

Warm water supports you while a facilitator supports and moves your body. Folding, unfolding, swinging, waving and rotating movements as well as stretching it. The movements are designed to bring you into the deepest possible state of relaxation.

During this session, you can choose to stay on the surface or be fully submerged with a nose clip.

Most of us have had negative impacting experiences in our life. Trauma affects the autonomic nervous system. The body has an inherent capacity to self-regulate after experiencing trauma. Through a series of techniques that interplay between memories, body sensations, and dialogue with the therapist, traumatic events held in the body are discharged, allowing the body to be regulated and emotional balance to be restored. The warm water provides an ideal environment for this to happen.


Massage with Somatic Experiencing

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