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Aquatic Prenatal Journey Retreat with Somatic Experiencing®

“The body keeps the score” - Bessel van der Kolk

The Aquatic Prenatal Journey Retreat is a group experience that focuses on healing developmental and pre-birth trauma.

Together we journey from conception, implantation, developmental movements (like naval-radiation), into our own unique desired birth experience through to the first months of life.

It's common to struggle with thoughts and behaviour patterns that are directly related to difficulties that might have arisen during these developmental stages. Through posture, movement and supported safe immersion in warm water, these early developmental stages are re-visited in the nurturing and blissful warmth of the womb-like water.

These unique sessions consist of Somatic Experiencing, Body Mind Centering, Inner Child work, Remedial Massage in warm water, Craniosacral Therapy and Aquatic Bodywork (including Aquatic Prenatal journey with David Sayer). They offer insightful and skilled support for meeting current life challenges.

Though we cannot recall them, we all hold impressions of our experience in the womb and of our birth. This early stage of life has a crucial influence on our flourishing later on. By re-visiting these developmental experiences in a therapeutic setting, within a large body of water akin to the nurturing bliss of the womb, we can explore trauma that may linger in the body, nervous system, and the mind.


Cellular memory can be re-written using these techniques.

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