Advanced Training and Retreat

Aqua Body Works

    Masta offers training and retreats in giving and receiving Aqua Body Works massage in water.

    In the Aqua Body Works Training you'll learn and enjoy:
–  Different supporting positions, for example the triangle sideways support for the head, elongating the neck.
–  Moves, above and below the water surface, staying grounded and connected with the breath, allowing the water do the work.
–  Yoga-like stretches.
–  The basic characteristics of water – such as flow, current, buoyancy and adaptability to support your work.

–  To adapt this to people of all sizes, shapes and dispositions.

–  Body mechanics.

–  How to provide the best possible alignment for your clients’ body as well as your own.
–  Basic movement principals of the hydrodynamic forces working in water.

    For example spins and counter spins with partial release and full release etc.
–  Clear positive feedback modality. Basic Hypnotic language.
–  Somatic Experiencing
–  Movement that inspire improvisation in the water.

-- There are several distinct aspects of this training that weave together to support your work.
   Certification Aqua Body Works  requirements include:
1. Have attended, around 50 hours of Aqua Body Works training and a refresh training every year.
2. Give 20 Aqua Body Works sessions, documented with notes.
3. Log 16 aquatic bodywork sessions received from a professional (Before, during or after the training).

    10 of these are Aqua Body Works sessions.
4. Give a session to Masta.
5. Have a current CPR certification.

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