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Basic Training and Retreat Aqua Body Works        

Welcome to learn and enjoy:

  • Moving the receiver as effortlessly as possible above and below the water surface (with nose clip), allowing the water to do the work,

  • while staying grounded and connected with the breath.

  • Different supporting positions & body mechanics e.g. the triangle support for the head & elongating the neck and the whole spine into alignment. 

  • The basic characteristics of water – such as flow, current, buoyancy and adaptability to support your work and adapting this to people of all  sizes,   shapes and dispositions. 

  •  Basic movement principals of the hydrodynamic forces working in water e.g. spins with partial release and full release & heart opening undulating   dolphin waves.

  •  Clear positive feedback modality with basic hypnotic language.  

  •  We will be studying in this beautiful water-temple in a special WATSU pool with healthy quality mineral water.


During my 4 years studying Somatic Experiencing, I have learned so many ways to work with the nervous system, dealing with stress, pain and traumatic experiences in simple and wonderful ways. 

Aqua Body Works Certification requirements:
1. Students have attended, around 50 hours of Aqua Body Works training and a refresh training every year.
2. Give 20 Aqua Body Works sessions, documented with notes.
3. Log 16 aquatic bodywork sessions received from a professional (Before, during or after the training).

    10 of these are Aqua Body Works sessions.
4. Give a session to Masta.
5. Have a current CPR certification.

There are several distinct aspects of this training that weave together to support your work.

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