Prenatal Journey Massage

Aquatic Prenatal Journey with Somatic Experiencing®

Aquatic Prenatal sessions focus on healing pre-birth trauma.

We can struggle with thoughts and behaviour patterns that are directly related to difficulties that might have arisen during conception, implantation, development and birth and the first months after birth.

Through posture, movement and supported safe immersion in warm water, Masta recreates these earliest developmental stages –  inviting clients to re-experience the nurturing and blissful warmth of the womb.


Through this unique session consisting of Somatic Experiencing, Inner Child work, Remedial Massage in warm water,  Craniosacral work and Aquatic Bodywork, I offer insightful and skilled support for meeting challenges.


“The body keeps the score” - Bessel van der Kolk

Though we cannot recall them, we all hold impressions of our experience in the womb and our birth. This very beginning of our life is crucial developmental period that influences our flourishing. By revisiting these this experience in a therapeutic setting, within a large body of water akin to the nurturing bliss of the womb, we can explore trauma that may linger in the body, nervous system, and the mind - cellular memory can be rewritten using these techniques.


Somatic Experiencing®

An Embodied Approach to Individual Therapy.

A session unfolds in an organic & creative way, depending on the issues arising and according to what is ready to be met. 

The sessions consist of three parts. We start with a check in, a space to share your wishes and intentions and open what may need to be expressed. From here we can explore how that feels and moves through your body, and listen to what your body has to share - connecting you to innate resources to facilitate self-healing in day-to-day life. The second part is the massage in warm water, where I address the body’s needs through touch, massage, being held and stretch. The (optional) final part is to experience freedom through fully submerging with a nose-clip in the water. 

    Outcomes Include:

  • alleviate physical symptoms

  • a happy relaxed body, free of pains

  • a sense of safety, inner strength & confidence

  • inner child connection

  • Safe Attachment, Repair raptures and other emotional wounds

  • increased resilience, creativity & playfulness, clarity & relaxation.